Corporate Events

We offer opportunities to build client relationships that have significant advantages over traditional sporting hospitality options.

Our opportunities are more flexible (you don’t have to be at a particular sports stadium at a particular time and date), offer outstanding value with a wide range of cost options and appeal to a broad range of budgets and clients – even those not keen on sport!
From Balham to Bordeaux or Bombay – from your Boardroom to a Bodego in Barcelona our corporate experiences offer solutions to suit any requirements and any budget.

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We help companies sell more of their products and services by creating self-financing experiential incentive programmes for staff, dealers, retailers and consumers:

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    Engage, Motivate & Inspire
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    Reflect and enhance your brand values
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    Measure performance to quantify ROI

Food and drink experiences have a broad appeal (everyone eats and drinks!!) and we offer experiences across a broad range of budgets to create outstanding. incentive programmes that deliver results

Product Launches & Meetings

Every great Product Launch and Meeting needs a great venue, inspiring content, seamless logistics, amazing food and to deliver its objectives cost-effectively.

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    On brand
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    On time
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    On budget

The team at Oregano Events is part of the award-winning TCE Group that has been successfully organising Product Launches and Meetings for a wide range of clients since 2003.

Oregano is the specialist division working with the Food & Drink industry to create amazing events that deliver outstanding results.

At TCE Group we enjoy relationships with many major brands including: